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Not sleepy

For the last week or so I’ve turned into the pre-cycling version of myself at night: the one that can’t fall asleep. Except it used to be that I just wasn’t tired. I’m tired now. And it used to be … Continue reading

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Are Swedish women smelly?

I came across this today. Awesome. Update: Apparently that question was deleted “according to [Yahoo’s] Community Guidelines”. Lame! Fortunately there are Other Search Engines that will give you a cached version. Screenshot:

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Survived my first 1/2/3 race

I did my first 1/2/3 race today. Damn that was rad! (I’m easily entertained.) I really just wanted to go back to sleep this morning but I know I love it once I get going. Besides, with Burlingame being a … Continue reading

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A bachelor’s failed midsummer

First off, some midsummer stats: Pickled herrings eaten: 0 Strawberry servings eaten: 1 Flowers picked: 3 Fences jumped: 0 Frog dances performed: 0 Shots of Aquavit consumed: 0 Beers consumed: a few Weather: cold and drizzly Bedtime: 3 am Overall, … Continue reading

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Midsommar and blog

I don’t even really like blogs, but somehow I created one. If it survives for more than 2-3 posts, it’ll probably mostly be about bike racing, and occasionally about Swedish shit, since I’m a shitty Swedish bike racer. But knowing … Continue reading

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