Survived my first 1/2/3 race

I did my first 1/2/3 race today. Damn that was rad! (I’m easily entertained.) I really just wanted to go back to sleep this morning but I know I love it once I get going. Besides, with Burlingame being a generally cool crit in a nice downtown area a couple of miles from BART, and with the Copenhagen Bakery serving princess cake right in the center of the race course, there was no way I could skip this race.

So off I went and arrived in time to see the P/1/2 race with teammate Ariel Herrmann off the front with Rand Miller. Awesome! I was really hoping it would stick, so that a) Ariel would get 1st or 2nd, and b) Rand would have to write a race report, since I recently found his blog and his race reports are awesome. This held up for a few laps, and then Ariel was dropped and wouldn’t get back on Rand’s wheel even though I was cheering as hard as I could. But soon teammate Max Haines-Stiles was up there with Rand! Sweeeeeet! Again, I shouted all I could, but then I went off to warm up or something.

Last weekend at Pescadero, Rikke Preisler had warned me about not warming up before 1/2/3 races, so I did the best I could on California Ave which has a few more lights than ideal for warmups but at least I warmed up! Yay!

When I got back I watched the tail end of the P/1/2 race and was disappointed to see that in the end, all breaks were caught, and there was a sprint finish. I hate sprint finishes, they’re lame.

I’m not going to write too much about my actual race here, since I’ve already written a race report.

But I’d like to point out that eating princess cake did in fact happen, and I have proof:

(The calves in the picture belong to Max. I don’t know if he’s single, but can inquire upon requests.)

And now I’m fucking starving because a little bit of princess cake and some Vietnamese spring rolls just don’t do the trick, so I’m off. (This is another way of saying that I have no idea of how to finish a blog post, so I pretend that I’m finishing because I need to leave.)

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