Not sleepy

For the last week or so I’ve turned into the pre-cycling version of myself at night: the one that can’t fall asleep. Except it used to be that I just wasn’t tired. I’m tired now. And it used to be that I was able to sleep as long as I needed to (well, longer, actually). I can’t do that now. It’s rare that I’m able to sleep past 8, and then I’ve still woken up multiple times from 7 and on.

So I’m just really tired and can’t sleep and I get up and I go to work and I’m tired and I start my rides way too late and get to work way too late, or I go for a shorter ride in the evening. Whatever it is, those 2-3 hours per night when I want to sleep but fail aren’t helping.

At least I got some advice from my mom on buzz this morning: “mom´s advice: no coffee … one beer is better + ear plugs”. I guess I’ve been a bad daughter, no beer since Friday. (My mom’s comment on that night? “That was about time! I suspect you’re being way too sensible.” Have I become so boring that my mom needs to tell me to go out and get drunk…?)

So what do I do when I can’t sleep? I’m lying in my bed, twisting and turning, then I think of something that I absolutely must check right away. Like, who’s registered for Leesville Gap? (Like no one, yet, but it doesn’t matter – they’ll sign up, and I’ll suffer regardless.) What’s the weather going to be like on Saturday? (94° F – but it’s not 114° F!) And are all the cat 3s doing both the 3/4 race and the 1/2/3 race in Davis (because that’d be rad and it’s my first chance of doing two races in one day)? And it’s not like any of this will help me make any decisions on how I should spend my weekend anyway. It’s just helping me to get more excited about racing so it’s even harder to sleep.

Someone else that’s excited about racing would be Tina who just got home from the track and called to tell me that she won!! 😀 So screw this, I’m getting out of bed, getting dressed again, and going down to the clubhouse for the Support Group for Girls with Training Plans (aka Monk’s Kettle) to try out my mom’s advice for better sleep, minus the earplugs.

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2 Responses to Not sleepy

  1. Rikke says:

    Love your blog – just found it.
    You say that you’re really tired, yet can’t sleep. I have no idea about your schedule, but could it be overtraining? Anyway, hope you find a way to get rest soon. Looking forward to the next race with you (not sure when, but looking forward to it :))

    • Thanks! 🙂
      No, definitely not overtraining – I just had a break and if anything, am antsy to train more. I’ve been sleeping better the last few days, fortunately. Hope to see you soon! Are you going to Davis or San Rafael?

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