Time trials are better when Cancellara is doing them

Since one can’t keep claiming that one has 3.06 % fast twitch muscle and not enter any time trials, and since there were no other races last weekend, I somehow got up at 6 last Sunday and dragged my ass over to the 680 for my first individual time trial outside of a stage race, or my third ever.

I had prepared by slapping a pair of clip-on aerobars onto my new road bike without paying much attention to fit, watching this video of Cancellara from last year’s Tour de Suisse a few times, and going to the track with my team the previous day where people tried to make me sprint (unsuccessfully) and eat delicious barbecued food (successfully!). I had also borrowed a trispoke wheel from my coach (thanks Sean!), but as it turns out, this wheel is cursed. Every time I borrow it, the race course turns out to be so insanely windy that I would be blown off the the road if I tried, so I haven’t actually used it yet.

And with that, I will give you the forecast for Cañada on Saturday: I am expecting 18 mph winds with 40 mph gusts.

I’m not going to write a race report. It was a goddamn time trial. I rode my bike alone for a while, I turned around, I rode it some more, and it sucked. Done.

Time trials are better when Cancellara is doing them.

Aside from that, le Tour de France is le over, and I’m having le rest week, so there’s really not much going on — just me climbing on the walls, except not in a good way. Maybe this will result in me writing really long posts about the metaphorical paint drying on my metaphorical walls, or race reports about time trials, or maybe I’ll just find out what normal people do with all their time and try that out.

Maybe I should tag all my posts written during rest weeks so that they can be avoided.

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