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American Flyers

And now for something completely different: a movie review! I’m spending the weekend at the Metromint Zoo, a.k.a. teammate Niki Slaton’s house in Davis. She and her husband Jeff have three dogs and five cats, but more on that later. … Continue reading

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362 days until University!

This was one of those weekends. One of those weekends of getting up at the crack of dawn to kick ass. One of those weekends to hang out with all the cool kids at Starbucks in a godforsaken place at … Continue reading

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Things I cook

Eating is important. So I made meatballs: No, I did not buy those meatballs at IKEA. I just wrote I made them. I did, however, buy the lingonberries that you can see in the lower right corner at IKEA. And … Continue reading

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Disappointments and what follows

Disappointments in life: You find out your significant other is cheating on you with the assistant You get fired after your boss finds out who’s been stealing all those paper clips Dunnigan Hills without wind Only one of these has … Continue reading

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Apparently it’s been several weeks since I last wrote a blog post! In case anyone is still reading my blog, I can announce that I don’t have much in the way of an excuse for not writing except that I … Continue reading

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