Apparently it’s been several weeks since I last wrote a blog post! In case anyone is still reading my blog, I can announce that I don’t have much in the way of an excuse for not writing except that I had nothing to write about, but it’s not like that usually stops me. A few things have happened since last. For example, I got my lovely Nexus phone back after using my old silly brick phone since April when my Nexus screen cracked. This means I can now take much better photos! And this blog post will be appropriately decorated by “much better photos” (really people, I’m just talking about image resolution, they aren’t going to be any more interesting – you have to go to someone else’s blog for that).

With the phone repaired and returned, I’m hoping that I have now finalized my experiments in material strength, and thus I will summarize the experiments and the results here:

Object Material Test Height of drop Outcome
Phone: Nexus One Plastic, glass, little gnomes switching circuits Drop purse with phone inside, post-race at Cat’s Hill 50 cm Touchscreen cracked. Unusable.
French press: Bodum Plastic, glass, metal Fall from dish rack onto counter 20 cm Coffee pours from both ends.
Glass: Skir, from IKEA Glass. Duh. Fall from dish rack onto counter 20 cm Well… Skir means “fragile” in Swedish, and IKEA would never lie.
French press: Bodum, Starbucks-branded Plastic, glass, metal Fall from table 1 meter Still makes delicious coffee


  • Glass is like cats, and fares better the higher you drop it from.
  • If I hadn’t won the coffee prime with a French press in it at the Wente crit earlier this year, I might have had an uncomfortable gap in coffee consumption at home, so I must keep doing this crit regardless of how many crashes there are.

And on to the photographic documentation of what I’ve been doing. I’ve been working. These are some of the things I’ve done for work this week:

Decorating the space above our tech lead's desk

Having coffee in the sun with visiting co-worker Karolina

Taking co-worker Quazi out for drinks before he leaves us for grad school

Of course, I didn’t take any photos of when I spent trying to run tests that weren’t working, and when I was reviewing heaps of patent applications, but I can assure you that it looked just as festive as in the last photo.

I have also been eating. I do this a lot, by the way. I’ve been eating this:


This is a meal that wouldn’t be possible (or at least not as good, or reasonably priced) without IKEA, where I acquired the shrimp and the caviar. Yum! I’m Swedish, I eat shit like this. (This, btw, is a good example of my photography skills not having improved one bit – just my camera. I really can’t do food photography.)

I also rode my bike for a bit. I did another time trial (Beat the clock, the practice time trials on Cañada Rd) that went a lot better than the previous one. Let’s just say I missed my start and still beat Christine Thorburn. This is completely true, but I won’t elaborate on that, because it will only go downhill from there.

I raced Patterson Pass, which was awesome and I wrote a race report. After the race I paid my first visit to a McDonald’s since I moved to the US three years ago, when my carpool buddies Rae and Mike wanted to get some post-race food after having left their post-race sandwiches at home. I ordered a Sundae and learned that it is really good when drenched in salt! Who knew! (Actually, Molly knew, as it turns out.)

I’ve also spent some time being excited about Dunnigan Hills which is happening tomorrow! I really like the Velo Promo road-races-in-the-middle-of-nowhere season! Dunnigan Hills was the first race where I got a top 10 in a race with more than 10 people in it, so I have a soft spot for it. And with that, I will retire to my sleeping quarters, as I have a date with three hot cyclists at 5 am in the morning.

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