Disappointments and what follows

Disappointments in life:

  • You find out your significant other is cheating on you with the assistant
  • You get fired after your boss finds out who’s been stealing all those paper clips
  • Dunnigan Hills without wind

Only one of these has happened to me, but… really?! No wind?! Since I had decided not to HTFU and do the cat 3 race at Dunnigan, my race can be summarized as follows (and I’m going to use the quote function on WordPress):

We rode around being bored for 43 miles, then there was a sprint finish.

Yup, that’s how exciting it was, my race report can be summarized in a single quote. That race really, really sucks without wind. I attacked all I could, but when you have 19 people from approximately 19 teams (it might have been 20 teams, I didn’t count) every single one of them is going to want to be in every break attempt so I guess on some level we were all in a break together. Every single one of us. There just wasn’t a pack behind us. And there was no wind or hills to make it hard. Sucks.

Fortunately awesomeness followed to make up for the sucky race. The rest of the day was spent floating down some river or other drinking PBR and some pink stuff served from a bucket kept afloat by a fish shaped floating ring and observing some of the, ahem, shall we say “less accomplished” specimens of Americans. After climbing out of the river and spending some time being lost on a bike path, we embarked on a trip to a local establishment where pizzas were procured. Entertainment was provided in the form of Sacramento locals singing karaoke, although this gentleman also decided to give it a go along with Phil Mooney.

All in all it was a pretty good day, despite Dunnigan betraying me.

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