Things I cook

Eating is important. So I made meatballs:


No, I did not buy those meatballs at IKEA. I just wrote I made them. I did, however, buy the lingonberries that you can see in the lower right corner at IKEA. And of course, the silverware (Dragon*) and the plate (365+**).

I also made some stuff that Swedes thought was Indian food in the 80’s:

Swedish "Indian" food

That’s shrimp, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, cream, canned tomatoes, brandy, paprika powder and “svennecurry”. Svennecurry is just plain curry powder, but after realizing that curry powder is not something that all Indian dishes consist of, the next step for a Swede is to assume that it’s one of these fantastic Swedish inventions and will thus prefix it with “svenne”, which is the Swedish equivalent of Joe Schmoe.

* That means “tarragon”. It has nothing to do with fire breathing monsters.

** That means “365+”.

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1 Response to Things I cook

  1. cyn says:

    That looks pretty good… I want meatballs…

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