It started with my disappointment over Grasshopper Pie not actually containing grasshoppers.

It turns out a co-worker had a packet of chocolate covered grasshoppers at her desk! She didn’t want it, so my officemate Dan and I gladly liberated her from it. The bag contained five individually wrapped chocolate covered grasshoppers, one of them green:


The back of the package reveals that whoever sent this out is putting a lot into a little baggie of grasshoppers.

This is how easy it is to be a risk-taker and a dream-realizer

“Chocolate covered

You’re a risk-taker, a dream-realizer. What’s left to do that you haven’t already done? Eat a grasshopper. They’re farm raised, covered in chocolate and rich in protein. So, not only will you be breaking boundaries, but you’ll be eating healthy, too.”

A dream-realizer?! What kind of a word is that? It sounds like this was written by some damn Swede that thinks she can do whatever she want with words in a language that isn’t hers.

I also don’t know if I’m taking that much of a risk by eating a grasshopper. There are countless things that I haven’t already done, but eating grasshoppers is not one of them. They’re very popular in Oaxaca, but I suppose everyone there is a risk-taker and a dream-realizer then.

Anyway, this grasshopper was delicious:


It tasted like chocolate, and it’s crunchy. The texture is a little bit like eating fish with tiny bones in it, but a lot less annoying. I like it!

Grasshopper vs. Dan

Dan also noticed hints of chamomile.

And then it fittingly turned out that Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, was giving a talk at work so I went off to see that.

He did not mention grasshoppers, but he did agree that non-fat yogurt sucks.

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