Update on investments

I know, I know… I’ve been really lousy at writing posts lately. And the last one wasn’t much of a post, either. I guess I’ve been busy, or something… anyway, here’s one! 😀

It seemed appropriate to follow up on my post with financial advice from September – as I said back then, I think bikes would be a sound financial investment (and if you have followed the stock market at all lately, or really just read the news, I’m sure you agree). The frame I invested in has finally been dressed up in all sorts of shiny components, and I picked up my new bike earlier today! This is the end result:

New bike!

It was indeed, as expected, a time sink and a money sink. But once all the parts were in, the awesome guys at Freewheel built it up straight away, making sure I would have the new, shiny bike in time for Madera this weekend.

As I got the new bike, I also joined The Future ™ where most of my friends already reside; I got a Garmin 500 to use instead of the yellow PowerTap computer. I think just the different mounting system alone makes me really excited about this change*! I’m sure eventually I will also appreciate the more human friendly interface of the Garmin 500… no wait, I write all my code in vim, there’s no guarantee whatsoever that I will appreciate a more human friendly interface. Besides, the PowerTap computer user interface is great for anyone who enjoyed pressing in cheat codes on Nintendo handsets in the 80s.

There’s one more thing I need to mention on the topic of finances. I did make a valiant attempt at spending all my money on this bike, but as it turns out, I didn’t entirely succeed – so there’s the question about what to do with my savings until the next bike comes along. I have found the solution. I’m going to open an account in the IKEA bank**. How awesome is that?! 😀

* I’m an engineer. I get excited about stupid things. Besides, the mounting systems for PowerTap computers is really insecure and non-transferable.

** Yes, this really exists! And it’s a great bank!

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