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Update on investments

I know, I know… I’ve been really lousy at writing posts lately. And the last one wasn’t much of a post, either. I guess I’ve been busy, or something… anyway, here’s one! 😀 It seemed appropriate to follow up on … Continue reading

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Ready for Christmas

It’s the night before Christmas! Real Christmas ™ that is, a.k.a. Christmas Eve, none of that Christmas Day bullshit that Americans do. After some grocery shopping, some cleaning, and finally dusting off some Christmas decorations, I’m pretty much ready for … Continue reading

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Dear Superior Court of California,

You kind of freaked me out when I received a letter from you today. What could I have done that warranted a letter from you?! I was pleased to see that I appear to have done nothing wrong, but that … Continue reading

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Mud! Rain! Snow! (Stockholm edition)

Who knew a week in your old town can be so busy?  I only lived in Stockholm for six months but it seems like many of my friends from other parts of Sweden have moved here over time with the … Continue reading

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Hej Sverige!

Hi Sweden! It’s been a year since I was here. Last time I went, I had two cats. They moved in with my parents when I moved to the US. Lilo was thrilled to see me, Ada was grumpy – … Continue reading

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It started with my disappointment over Grasshopper Pie not actually containing grasshoppers. It turns out a co-worker had a packet of chocolate covered grasshoppers at her desk! She didn’t want it, so my officemate Dan and I gladly liberated her … Continue reading

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Working hard

Life is rough. Beckett and I are working from the garden at work. Also, I think my blog updates should automagically be posted to Twitter and Facebook now. Let’s see if it works!

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Financial advice (from a cyclist)

Now that I’m 30*, racing season is over, and the extension is going towards its end, I figured it was time to finish my tax return. This can be surprisingly complicated if you, like me, have lived in several different … Continue reading

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The Swedish election, summarized by me

The Swedish elections for the parliament, the county councils, and the municipal assemblies took place last Sunday. Since I don’t live in Sweden anymore, I only get to vote for the parliament. Which I hope I did. What are the … Continue reading

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My next bike

I found this “New Road Racing Bicycle with Coaster Brake” on eBay, and I’m thinking this is what I will race on next season: I’m thinking I could paint some blue dots on it to match my team kit. I … Continue reading

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