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Mud! Rain! Snow! (Stockholm edition)

Who knew a week in your old town can be so busy?  I only lived in Stockholm for six months but it seems like many of my friends from other parts of Sweden have moved here over time with the … Continue reading

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Hej Sverige!

Hi Sweden! It’s been a year since I was here. Last time I went, I had two cats. They moved in with my parents when I moved to the US. Lilo was thrilled to see me, Ada was grumpy – … Continue reading

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The Swedish election, summarized by me

The Swedish elections for the parliament, the county councils, and the municipal assemblies took place last Sunday. Since I don’t live in Sweden anymore, I only get to vote for the parliament. Which I hope I did. What are the … Continue reading

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Are Swedish women smelly?

I came across this today. Awesome. Update: Apparently that question was deleted “according to [Yahoo’s] Community Guidelines”. Lame! Fortunately there are Other Search Engines that will give you a cached version. Screenshot:

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Midsommar and blog

I don’t even really like blogs, but somehow I created one. If it survives for more than 2-3 posts, it’ll probably mostly be about bike racing, and occasionally about Swedish shit, since I’m a shitty Swedish bike racer. But knowing … Continue reading

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